Samsung Galaxy note 9,

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Full Phone Specifications, Features, Price , Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Overview The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 packs sincere power inside and out and much of that has to do with its S Pen Stylus. You can use the S pen most when you want to get your thumbs a break and quickly chart notes. The note S pen has a Bluetooth antenna inside that makes most of the tasks quicker and easier. For example, it works as a remote like when you open up the camera you can click pictures by taping the S pen button once and switch the camera by tapping the S Pen button twice. In …

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Major festivals celebrate in the world

Major Festivals Celebrated in the World

People get together at festivals to enjoy themselves. Many festivals have their origins in the agricultural past and mark the changing seasons, while others celebrate key events in the religious year. Festivals may be solemn or fun or both and often they are occasions for eating special foods or giving presents. In this article we will discuss what are the  Major festivals celebrated in the world.

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