Top 5 trending technologies of 2018,

Top 5 Trending Technologies of 2018

Before talking about Top 5 Trending Technologies of 2018, you should have to learn what Technology stands for? Here we go, Technology means the application of knowledge gained by dealing with engineering or applied sciences. By use of new technologies like machinery or devices, an industry reduces its ability to spend money on new resources. In short, Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical drives, mostly in industries. In this article, you will learn step by step about the top 5 trending technologies of 2018 in which you can find a new career. Below is the list of the career-making top technologies.

List of Top 5 Trending Technologies of 2018

1. Cryptocurrency Investor

The first question in mind is what is Cryptocurrency? On separating this word we will get Crypto + Currency. It is a digital advantage that is designed to work as a medium of exchange. Crypto Currency uses powerful cryptography technique to secure its financial transactions, control the formation of an additional section, and confirms the transfer of assets.

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Cryptocurrency investing is highly risky. There is a lot of scams in it. Some peoples also lose their money. To tolerate high risk in Cryptocurrency investing you should have to know some technical knowledge. I personally not want to be a full-time cryptocurrency investor. However, if you have to tolerate high risk, just follow the steps given below.

  1. Read Cryptocurrency Assets book.
  2. Study Bitcoin White paper.
  3. Read Ethereum Yellow paper.
  4. Read Cryptopanic daily.
  5. Open two exchange accounts.

NOTE: Do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

2. Blockchain Developer


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The blockchain is the latest and rising technology and one of the among top 5 trending technologies of 2018. If you haven’t heard about it previously, then you possibly know about Bitcoin. The Blockchain is the unrevealed technology that uses the Bitcoin. Specialists say that the Blockchain will give rise to a revolution similar to what Internet prompted.

The blockchain is another interesting field that will be growing like insane this year. With the help of certain platforms like Ethereum that is taking the lead, hires the developers who understand and know about the concept of the blockchain. The self-financed small and smart contractors can earn a high amount by building decentralized applications. The market is still new and good Blockchain developers are few. So, if you want to become professional in this area, then you have to work hard for it.

The only disadvantage of Blockchain is that the technology is heading really fast and things are regularly changing. So, you will have to stay updated for staying relevant. Below is the list of things you should do to get a kick start in this trending technologies world of career :

  1.  Learn about DAPP (Decentralized Applications).
  2.  Study Peer to Peer Networking.
  3.  Know some Node.js basics.
  4. Check for a Blockchain demo.
  5. Learn about Cryptocurrency.
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3. Machine Learning

To get started in this career you should know what is Machine Learning? Basically, Machine learning is the science of obtaining computers to make a move without being externally programmed. In the past ten years, machine learning has provided us with the knowledge to build self-driving cars, actual or practical speech recognition and powerful web search.

Machine learning is another interesting topic perhaps one of the hardest to pluck from the list of trending technologies. The priority of Machine learning is that you should have some technical knowledge to be able to get started into this career. However, we are a very very long way away from general artificial intelligence. In the coming years, this field will make extreme changes in our lives.

  1. Firstly, learn the Python programming language.
  2. Read articles on medium.
  3. Start working with API like Clarifai.
  4. Build some basic and simple applications.
  5. Use Jupyter / Jupyter notebook for java.
  6. Take some courses on machine learning.

4. Software Developer

Top 5 trending technologies of 2018,

Software Developing is a huge industry and one of the safest chance that would not be going elsewhere anytime soon. There is a large demand for Software developers all over the world. Software developers develop new and trending technologies. We are surrounded by software every time and everywhere, and this is becoming more and more prominent every year. I also had chosen this profession and I believe in its future strength and dominance.

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There have been a lot of progress and improvements in this area. Your programming language dictates what you are lean to do, you can build anything on any platform with just the knowledge of javascript with the things like React Native, Electron, and Jonny-Five. Programming isn’t limited only to javascript, but it also explains the point that you can learn to code and do almost anything you want to.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For most of us, everything that we have learned about Artificial Intelligence is that we have learned from Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Movies. What is Artificial Intelligence really about? Artificial Intelligence is about making your daily experiences smarter, by merging predictive intelligence into your everyday tasks, applications, like:

  1. Siri personal assistant uses voice processing.
  2. Facebook uses image recognition.
  3. Amazon uses machine learning algorithms to provide recommended products.
  4. Maps app provides shorter routes.

I hope that the article top 5 trending technologies of 2018 proves to be very helpful for you.

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